Children & young people


Diddy Disciples (0-8 years)

We welcome babies, toddlers and young children as part of our church family. On Sundays we have a children’s chapel at the side of our worship space, where younger children are welcome to spend some time during the service with their responsible adult.

As a church we are preparing to launch a new programme for babies, toddlers and young children, following the Diddy Disciples programme. Once we are up and running, Diddy Disciples will take place in the Lower Hall on Sundays during the Parish Mass.

First Holy Communion (8 years +)

We support children over the age of 8 to receive Holy Communion before confirmation, once they feel ready, and after attending an 8 -week preparation course.

Servers & Readers

Children are valued members of our Church family and are invited to contribute to our worship in appropriate ways as soon as they would like to do so. Children who can read confidently are encouraged to become readers at the Parish Mass. Children who wish to can join our enthusiastic team of servers.

Other Groups

Children are encouraged to engage with the whole community of Pembroke House and Walworth Living Room by joining in activities including the Pembroke Academy of Music, Into University and Hot Meal on the Way Home.

Young People

New for 2024: 4th Sunday Bible Study

On the fourth Sunday of every month, our young people in school years 9-13 (aged 13-18) take part in a Bible study and discussion group, led by dedicated youth leaders from our congregation. After receiving communion the young people and leaders go downstairs; their session finishes around 12.30pm.

Young people at St Christopher’s form a vital part of our Church family, and we are continually blessed by them as they challenge our own perceptions of faith and engage with the life of our Church.

There is a PCC Action Group for Children & Young People’s Ministry, which is working to develop youth and children’s ministry leaders from within our congregation so we can provide regular ministry to young people from other age groups.

Other Groups

Young people are encouraged to engage with the whole community of Pembroke House by joining in groups such as the Pembroke Academy of Music and Into University, as well as the other activities at the Walworth Living Room.

Beyond the Youth Group

We have a number of Young Adults (18-30s) who are active in the life of the church and are exploring how best to offer ministry with them.